Real Party in Virtual House.

CORONA PARTY is the first collaborative website to organize virtual parties in real conditions with friends during confinement.

Users will enter the CORONA PARTY house and access, by videoconference, various rooms. Games, puzzles and secret rooms, CORONA PARTY offers a unique social experience during the confinement. Users can navigate from room to room and meet their different friendly circles.

Deployed on the 20th march 2020 and without any communication, the site registered in a few hours more than 200 parties, with thousands of participants.

The objective is to meet the requirements of the national autorities to stay at home, while allowing them to have a sociable life and widen their friendly circle.

CORONA PARTY was founded by William Fauchoux (CEO, BlockchainYourIP), Gaëtane Salagnac (Graphic Designer) Romain Le Roux (CEO Digital JuridiK), Arthur Sauzé (Youtubeur), Guillaume Chrétien (IT Engineer) and Antoine Guibaud (SEO Expert).

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